Sekonic - C-500 Prodigy color meter

Sekonic - C-500 Prodigy color meter

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Este colorimetro lee la temperatura de color para pelicula, ccd o cmos, te dice la temperatura en Kelvin y/o la filtracion necesaria para compensar. Indispensable en aplicaciones criticas donde se mezclan fuentes de luz. Tambien mide lx o FC. La version R tambien tiene radio para disparar fuentes pocketwizard.

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Measuring System Three-color photographic color meter with four sensors to determine visual (digital) or photographic (film) color temperature of light sources and filtration required
Measuring Modes
Ambient: Yes
Flash Cordless/Cord-in: Yes
Radio triggering: Yes (Model C-500R ONLY)
Receptor Head Rotating (90° to the right/180°to left) receptor head containing four filtered photo diodes under flat incident light receptor
Aperture/Shutter Priority Not Applicable
Display Readout
Dot matrix display : 8 adjustable characters
Digital: Ambient/Flash light - Visual Color temperature + CC index
LB filter number + CC filter number: Fuji's LBA/LBB
Kodak Wratten/LEE filter number; LB index + CC index
Display Ranges:
CC index: 80G to 80M
CC filter number: 200G to 200M
illuminance: 2.5lx to 610,000lx 0.23FC to 56,500FC
Film Ambient/Flash light: Photographic Color temperature; LB filter number + CC filter number (Fuji's LBA/LBB, Kodak Wratten/LEE filter number); LB index + CC filter number
lluminance: Ambient light only; Lux(lx); Foot-candle(ft-cd)
Measured color temperature:
2,300K to 20,000K
Selected color temperature: 2,500K to 10,000K
LB index: -500 to +500 (in MK-1)
LB filter number
Fuji's: LBA/LBB LBB20 to LBA20
Kodak Wratten/Lee: 80A+80D to 85B+81EF
ISO Range Measuring Ranges
Color Temperature: 2,300K to 20,000K
(At ISO 100 equivalent) Ambient light: EV3 to 16.3 (20lx to 200,000lx)
Flash light: Range Low F/2.8 to 22 (20lx/s to 1,300lx/s) Range High F/16 to 90.9 (640lx/s to 38,000lx/s)
f/Stop Display Range Flash light:
Range Low: F/2.8 to 22 (20lx/s to 1,300lx/s)
Range High: F/16 to 90.9 (640lx/s to 38,000lx/s)
Shutter Speed - Ambient 1 to 1/500sec
Shutter Speed - Flash Flash light: 1s to 1/500s (in 1, 1/2 or 1/3 steps) plus 1/75, 1/80, 1/90, 1/100, 1/200, 1/400
EV Range (ISO-100) Not Specified by Manufacturer
Cine Speeds Not Applicable
Exposure Memory Not Applicable
Shadow/Highlight Calculation Not Applicable
Brightness Difference Yes
Flash to Ambient Ratio Not Applicable
Multiple Flash Not Applicable
Exposure Calibration Color calibration is done in the factory and MAC service center. The photographer can make Pre-Set corrections to reflect the differences in his system, which will be appreciated by film photographers
Power Source
Two "AA" 1.5V batteries (Alkaline, Manganese, lithium, Nickel, NiCd and NiH)
Operating temperature range: -10 to +50° centigrade
Dimensions 2.4 x 6.2 x 1.1" (62 x 158.6 x 28mm) (WHD)
Weight 8.1 oz (230g) (with batteries)